Charitable Objectives

Who we are

We are a charity providing affordable opportunities and facilities for outdoor learning and adventure to grow the character and resilience of (young) people as individuals and members of society.

Our Vision

“A world in which every young person has the opportunity to build their character and resilience through outdoor learning and adventure. Our programmes will boost health and wellbeing, use activity as therapy, promote healthy social interactions, encourage learning, improve physical capabilities and foster connection with the environment”

Our Charitable Objectives

We are a charity governed by our objectives to: 

  • Promote learning and development through outdoor learning and adventure
  • Provide affordable opportunities and facilities for outdoor learning and adventure
  • Develop the capabilities of young people to grow as individuals and members of society.

Our Aims

We aim to provide:

A1. Excellent outdoor learning and adventure opportunities to children and young people.
A2. High quality training programmes to new outdoor sector professionals.
A3. Professional advice and training for education practitioners covering all educational visits and learning outside the classroom.
A4. Accessible programmes for all, irrespective of disability, financial hardship or social circumstances.
A5. Sustainable, life-long opportunities for outdoor learning and adventure.
A6. Exciting and adventurous out-of-county residential experiences for children from North and West Northamptonshire.


Our Strategic Goals

LOLT Character and Resilience Framework (CRF) identifies the ways in which children and young people can build their character and resilience through LOLT programmes of outdoor learning & adventure.

To achieve our Charitable Objectives, Aims and the CRF we have identified the following Strategic Goals…..


Ensure strong and resilient finances

1.1 To develop strong and secure finances
1.2 To build financial reserves for future projects
1.3 To fundraise to enable a broad range of users to access programmes through bursary support


Develop and sustain the LOLT team


2.1 To build and continually develop a strong and resilient staff team
2.2 To develop and sustain a community volunteer network


Improve the centre’s buildings, grounds and facilities

3.1 To increase the centre’s catering and dining capacity
3.2 To continue the ongoing improvement of existing facilities to maximise the value of our location
3.3 To develop facilities for new onsite activities
3.4 To improve the efficiency of maintenance processes
3.5 To reduce the centre’s carbon footprint
3.6 To improve the centre’s ICT connectivity and infrastructure
3.7 To improve the site security to deter intruders and theft


Communicate the impact and value of outdoor learning & adventure

4.1 To advocate the impact and value of outdoor learning & adventure
4.2 To capture and communicate the impact of LOLT
4.3 To develop our capacity to communicate and market ourselves effectively
4.4 To grow the network of local adventure provision for teenagers

Our Envisaged Future… by 2030 we will…

  • Be a nationally renowned centre of excellence for outdoor learning and adventure
  • Have developed a site which celebrates its local surroundings and enables the delivery of excellent and accessible outdoor learning and adventure experiences to more people
  • Be a centre of excellence for Educational Visits Advice
  • Influencing local, regional and national policy and practice for Learning outside the Classroom

Our Story

Longtown Outdoor Learning Centre has been operating as a residential adventure centre since 1964. The centre was formally owned by Northamptonshire County Council but is now owned by our charity partners the Wilson Foundation. Longtown Outdoor Learning Trust is a registered charity that offers residential and non-residential programmes and an Educational Visits Advisory service from its base at the centre in Longtown.

Longtown Outdoor Learning Trust delivers challenging outdoor adventure activities in the Brecon Beacons National Park and Wye Valley A.O.N.B. The Trust’s multi-activity outdoor education courses aim to promote resilience, self-confidence, consideration for others, caring for the environment and the benefits of an active outdoor lifestyle. These outcomes are achieved through personal endeavour and team work in wild and beautiful landscapes.

How we develop

Character & Resilience

at Longtown

Health & Wellbeing

We develop children and young people’s emotional resilience, confidence and independence through engagement in adventurous activities.


We design outdoor activity programmes that focus on empowering children and young people and promote the benefits of an active healthy lifestyle.


We provide a welcoming and safe environment with clear routines that give children and young people a sense of security.

Activity as Therapy

We support children and young people to establish and develop self-efficacy, improve skill acquisition and performance in a wide range of activities.


We provide challenge with an element of perceived risk, that will develop children and young people’s insight into their abilities and potential.


We use mindfulness approaches to encourage children and young people to connect to their senses. security.

Social Interactions

We support children and young people to create positive relationships and promote positive behaviour.


We highlight and celebrate achievements together.


We believe that shared experiences, which allow for group reflection, support the feeling of belonging and being valued.


We encourage autonomy and choice that give children and young people a sense of self worth and encourages self-directed learning.


We develop children and young people’s ability to overcome challenges, which builds motivation, perseverance and commitment.


We increase children and young people’s cultural capital by enabling them to experience awe and wonder in the natural world.

Physical Activity

We are committed to promoting the link between physical exercise and improved mental health and wellbeing.


We encourage children and young people to explore their physical capabilities, interests and talents and we provide a progressive challenge for all.


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Natural Connection

We believe that connecting with nature supports children and young people to establish strong and supportive relationships and nurtures creative play.


We also support children and young people to develop confidence in unfamiliar environments and build their resilience to challenging situations, which supports them to manage their own risks in the outdoor environment.